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         My name is Chris Seymour, I live in Santa Cruz, Calif.; ride and race enduro, cyclocross, cross country , dual slalom, downhill, and road. I received a mechanical engineering degree from California State University, Chico, in 2012. I currently work Santa Cruz Bicycles in an industry that I am passionate about

          I grew up being competitive playing baseball and water polo at San Lorenzo Valley High in Felton, a small town surrounded by redwoods a couple miles north of Santa Cruz. During my freshman year I began riding mountain bikes in the off season of the aforementioned sports.

         I didn't start racing bicycles until after starting college during the 2007-2008 school year. I starting racing in the beginner category, C, for DH, DS and XC in the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference traveling around California and western Nevada with a great group of friends and teammates meanwhile growing the love of riding and racing bikes. By the time I graduated I was racing in the top category in the collegiate conference, A for DH and DS, but still C in XC. While the group of friends in Chico were great riders they mostly shuttled DH, but rode little XC.

         After my sophomore year in college I got foot in the bicycle industry’s door with an internship at Santa Cruz Bicycles working with SCB’s famous warranty guy Will K. Bullion. From that point on, I spent the rest of my college summers working at Santa Cruz Bicycles and accepted a supervisory role upon graduating. Working and riding with the great folks at Santa Cruz Bicycles really made me appreciate earning the descents and riding XC more, as well as coworkers and locals like Scott Chapin, Jeff Kendell-weed, Aaron Bradford, and Alex Work got me into racing cyclocross

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