Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2016 Mountain Season Check Up

With the 2016 mountain season starting to get under way, I have been trying to get out on the bike as much as possible, putting time on the pavement as well as the mountain.

For 2016 my main goals are to do well in the Lost Sierra Triple Crown. Mainly looking to improve on my Brownsville Classic results, hopefully making top 10 for the overall for Expert under 34. Also looking for some top 15 results at California Enduro Series races I will make it to.

So far for this early season I have got out to one CCCX XC, and this past weekend I made it up to Lake Sonoma for the XC series race, I managed to place 5th of 20 finishers for Expert Men.

Missing this coming weekend's CA Enduro #1 in Fontana, so the next race on the calendar is the cyclocross races at Sea Otter, probably going to race the single speed, and the 3/4 race again this year. After that I'm debating heading up for the Shasta Lemurian before CA Endruo #2 in Reno.

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